Karthika Puranam

Karthika Maasa Nitya Pooja Kalpamu:

Thithulu / Day No. Puraana Sravanam
Suddha Paadyami / Day 1
Suddha Vidiya /Day 2
Suddha Tadiya/ Day 3
Suddha Chaturdhi/ Day 4
Suddha Panchami / Day 5
Suddha Shashti /Day 6
Suddha Saptami/ Day 7
Suddha Ashtami/ Day 8
Suddha Navami/ Day 9
Suddha Dasami/ Day 10
Suddha Ekadasi / Day 11
Suddha Dwadasi /Day 12
Suddha Trayodasi/ Day 13
Suddha Chaturdasi/ Day 14
Suddha Pournami / Day 15
Krishna Paadyami / Day 16
Krishna Vidiya /Day 17
Krishna Tadiya/ Day 18
Krishna Chaturdhi/ Day 19
Krishna Panchami / Day 20
Krishna Shashti /Day 21
Krishna Saptami/ Day 22
Krishna Ashtami/ Day 23
Krishna Navami/ Day 24
Krishna Dasami/ Day 25
Krishna Ekadasi / Day 26
Krishna Dwadasi /Day 27
Krishna Trayodasi/ Day 28
Krishna Chaturdasi/ Day 29
Amavasya / Day 30


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